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Board Meeting Tips – How to Keep the Discussions Focused and Stick to the Agenda


Board meetings are a crucial element of successful businesses. With the proper planning and follow-up, your board of directors can make decisions that move the company forward. The best way to improve your board’s efficiency is to keep the discussion focused and stick to the agenda. This ensures that your meeting runs smoothly and all important issues are discussed thoroughly.

Create and distribute a complete board meeting agenda in advance of the meeting. This will allow board members to study the agenda and arrive at the meeting prepared to share their insights. This also ensures that the board members are on the same page as in terms of what needs to be covered and when.

Start at the right time. This can help everyone become active, motivated and encourage punctual attendance. It can be tempting for members of committees to spend a lot of their time reading reports. This can be a waste because the committee chair should have already reviewed these reports prior to the meeting.

Keep discussions focused on agenda items and set time limits for each topic. This demonstrates respect for the board members’ commitments to their time and ensures that all essential discussions take place during the meeting. Consent agendas allow non-controversial topics to be voted on in order to allow more time at the board meeting to be devoted on strategic issues.

Keep the minutes as clear as you can. Use a template that is built on the agenda. Include details such as the names of all those who are attending, headings for the topics being discussed and the draft resolution language to be used in the making of the decisions. Visual project management tools allow you to take notes at the same speed as the board’s discussions and keep them organized following the meeting to make it easier to distribute.

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