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What Is Data Management?

Data Management is a field of study that focuses on the management of an organization’s information as a valuable tool for analysis and decision-making. It covers a broad array of procedures that ensure all data is accessible when required, and it can be used to guide decisions.

Effective Data Management enables organizations to make use of data as a strategic asset, regardless of where it resides in the enterprise, with better visibility, security and security. It also allows for capacity. It lets faster, more precise and more reliable analytics that provide competitive advantages.

Companies are dealing with massive volumes and varieties of data that offer valuable insights into the dynamics of their business, but only if the data is managed and trusted. Ineffective data management can be costly, and it can undermine the trust of those who depend on it.

In addition, the proliferation of new sources of personal information has created a whole new set of issues related to compliance with consumer protection laws, such as GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Data management processes can assist to ensure that people are aware at the time of the collection of data and that they are in control over their own personal data and that systems can easily be able to meet erasure or portability requirements.

Data management requires a team with specific skills and roles. They range from data architects, analysts and database developers, to data stewards. In larger organizations data engineers and quality experts who work on data pipelines to support business analytics are usually part of the team.

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