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Science and Business Integrated Programs

Scientific research has been the basis of many of our most significant technological breakthroughs including insulin and the Internet. It is only natural, then, that science and business should work together because businesses need new technologies to survive, while scientists benefit from commercialization of their discoveries.

But that’s not always the case. Certain scientific inventions don’t get see this site into the commercial arena. One reason could be that it has to do with the manner in which the credit for innovations is given. A scientist may include their technician as a co-inventor, however, this doesn’t reveal the real contribution they made to the research which led to the discovery. The differences in mindsets and goals which hinder free exchange of ideas are more important. Business, for instance, is a proponent of sustainable profits. Science however examines sustainability as a level which doesn’t lead to over-exploitation of natural resources.

The key to the success of both business and science is collaboration. Scientists and businesspeople need to learn to speak the same language and listen to each other’s concerns, and discover new ways to make connections between the two fields.

Top universities like Woxsen provide integrated business and science courses that give students the best of both worlds. Students in these programs focus on a particular field of science, while taking classes from the general business curriculum. These programs equip students with the necessary skills to be successful in a variety of business fields, like intellectual property mutual funds, technical sales and many more.

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