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100 Fun Ice Breakers & Games for Virtual Meetings

Joking aside, virtual icebreakers can foster team closeness, and I do use (and enjoy!) them when done right. So below, let’s look at 12 virtual icebreakers your team won’t hate. Have fun laughing and getting to know each other in new ways. Playing an online version of Scattergories with remote team members is easy. Find a free website with the numbered die and category list.

  • Ask everyone to take a photo of the view from their closest window.
  • Next, start a game of I Spy by naming an object that you see in someone’s frame.
  • Before you host your virtual circle of appreciation, create a document and create a box for each employee with their name.
  • At the end, each member needs to read out what they have written and give a very good reason for it.
  • It’s fun, dynamic, and easy to play with, especially for virtual meetings.
  • This hosted virtual experience will captivate teams through thoughtful games that spark conversations.

Some video conferencing tools include breakout rooms as a feature, which is super helpful when you have a lot of attendees. If you have more than ten participants, icebreakers get a bit unwieldy and time-consuming. For large group meetings, break attendees up into groups of 3-6 people, and have each small group complete the icebreaker.

Riddle icebreakers

It’ll be impossible to win, but the real goal is just having fun together. No worries if you don’t have much time before your next team meeting. After everyone enters the meeting room, ask them to grab one item from their desk or office space.

icebreakers for virtual meetings

Recently, they launched ‘Icebreakers’ to help teammates get to know each other better by answering questions that are unconventional and fun. This is an ideal virtual icebreaker for recurring meetings. If you and your team meet regularly, you can turn this into a tradition and run one quiz question at the start of every one of your meetings. Icebreaker questions are a fun, easy way to get to know people and lighten the mood.

The AI-Driven 10-Hour Workweek (with best-selling author Alexandra Samuel (WSJ, HBR, Book: Remote Inc.)

This ice breaker can be a good way for team members to share their daily routines and habits. It can also help team members to see how different people approach starting their day, and it can provide insights for effective time management and icebreakers for virtual meetings productivity. Here are 7 simple, but fun virtual icebreakers to try in your next meeting or training. For more serious meeting scenarios, ice breakers require a slightly different approach to maintain a desired level of professionalism.

8 Zoom Icebreakers To Play With Guests During Your Next Virtual Party – Elite Daily

8 Zoom Icebreakers To Play With Guests During Your Next Virtual Party.

Posted: Fri, 18 Dec 2020 08:00:00 GMT [source]

A recent study found 59% of adults prefer snacks to meals, so your coworkers are bound to have opinions about their favorite snacks. Ask everyone to submit their top choice or pick one from a list to get everyone talking during your next meeting. Your team can do the same thing with a picture or meme as a visual prompt. Ask them to caption it while a timer counts down during your next meeting, or email their captions before the meeting starts. Either way, everyone will have a laugh and show off their creative skills.

Example virtual icebreakers for work

A quick check-in round can help surface issues, wins and potential discussion points. They can also help set expectations and ensure alignment before the group moves forward. This is a great virtual icebreaker that allows for more intimate conversations among your teammates.

Jung, and defines personalities based on four key indicators. There are a total of 16 different Myers Briggs personality types, and sharing yours can be a fun way to find someone who has the same personality type as you. It can also help you better understand how your teammates operate and think — which is super helpful and helps enhance team productivity.

Try One of These Virtual Icebreakers at Your Next Video Meeting

After the scavenger hunt, team members could also swap decor ideas to elevate their remote workstations. It may open doors to conversations about their hobbies, pets, and other interests based on what showed up in everyone’s selfies. People don’t need to share their location or name their city if they feel uncomfortable. The point is to showcase everyone’s workplace setting because it speaks to their personalities. The teams that did the icebreaker reported liking each other more. In this hilarious game, your team will help a detective unveil a mystery after a series of suspicious deaths and/or disappearances in your town.

It can feel really disappointing to share something negative that happened to you that week and receive no reaction. Some icebreaker questions won’t go over well with some https://remotemode.net/ people, and that’s okay! For instance, if they can’t think of a good thing that happened to them last week, you could ask, “What’s one goal you have for the upcoming week?

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